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hernia repair


Holding a mesh in place during the recovery time is crucial, especially in the first few weeks until the healthy tissue is strongly embedded into the mesh. But meshes tend to migrate, shrink, and dislodge due to regular daily activities that affect abdominal muscle tension such as coughing or even laughing. Correct mesh positioning entirely relies on the design of the fixation solution. Tacks, used commonly today, achieve suboptimal outcomes: just as tacks rotate into the tissue, they can rotate out of it.

Sutures are extremely stable connections and proven to hold mesh during increased intra-abdominal forces and tensile stresses. FasTouch’s closed-loop fixation system is designed for mesh fixation during the critical first weeks after surgery and under the various directions of contractions of the oblique abdominal muscles. It is the only system to harness the superior holding power of sutures for an ultimate fixation.


FasTouch has interchangeable permanent and absorbable reloadable cartridges on the same system, to allow surgeons to follow their own closure strategies. For the first time, the trust of suturing with the ease-of-use and consistency of tacking device is made available.

Absorbable suture

Absorbable suture

The FasTouch™ Absorbable device facilitates fixation of prosthetic material to soft tissue.

FasTouch Asorbable offers less fixation materials and made from aromatic polycarbonate-based thermoplastic urethane for simple fixation and better outcomes.

Each reloadable cartridge contains 25 sutures.

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Permanent suture

Permanent suture

The FasTouch™ Permanent device facilitates fixation of prosthetic material to soft tissue.

The closed-loop fixation  is based on a reloadable cartridge platform for cost saving.

Each reloadable cartridge contains 25 sutures.

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Multiple tests were conducted to show the superior holding power of FasTouch’s superior suture-like structure.

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The TRUST in lockable solution 
In a study designed to mimic coughing forces, a cyclic load equivalent to coughing was applied on an affixed hernia mesh for up to 50 cycles.
Fastener dislodgement from the tissue or mesh was recorded.

Less Foreign Body

Less Foreign Body Material
FasTouch is shown to deliver better outcomes with up to 30% less foreign body material than other fixation solutions in the market.

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