VIA Surgical


Led by a vibrant, knowledgeable, and passionate team, Via Surgical is the first and only company to create suture-like fixation solutions to address imminent market needs.

Experienced engineers and renowned surgeons have come together to create the ultimate soft-tissue repair system. One that uses the most advanced technologies and meets the highest standard, with no compromises and no shortcuts.

We are not stopping there: we are developing a pipeline of novel solutions for robotic and wound closure markets.

Via Surgical was founded in 2012 by serial entrepreneurs who have a lifelong commitment to making hernia repair better with fewer adverse events. Its founders led PolyTouch Medical, the developer of an advanced mesh-positioning device, from inception to exit.


Ofek Levin,

Co-founder & Chairman, MBA

Lena Levin,

CPA, Co-founder & CEO, MBA

Arik Levy,

Co-founder & CTO, M.Sc

Sarah A. Ellis,

Director of Customer Success, B.Sc


Stephen Blumenreich

Corporate Board Advisor and BOD Observer

Karl A. LeBlanc, MD, MBA, FACS

David B. Earle, MD, FACS

Brian P. Jacob MD, FACS

David C. Chen, MD, FACS

Brian Cole, MD, MBA

Gautam Yagnik, MD

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